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You Don't Have to Be a Salesperson to Sell Successfully

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How to Fundraise Successfully Without Selling?

You Don't Have to Be a Salesperson to Sell Successfully

When raising money for a charity or event, even those without strong selling skills can be successful. When you believe in the cause for which you are campaigning, putting that passion to use will reflect in the money you are able to raise.
Begin by putting aside the idea that you are asking people for money. Think of it as giving them a chance to be a part of something big. Whether you are raising funds for a benefit marathon, walk or dance, or simply to donate to people in need, show your potential donors what the end result is.
If your event provides a personal web page for donations, customize it so that it reflects you and why you are participating in the fundraising effort. Use photos and personal stories. If you are raising money on your own or the event doesn’t have a site, look into a free blog site service and create your own web page. Then link the page to all of your social media sites.
Send an email or letter out to friends, family and business associates. Explain your reasons for getting involved. This is what will compel people to donate – when they know you and understand your motivation, they will be more inclined to support you and help you succeed. For even more encouragement, include a self-addressed stamped envelope in your letters. Some people prefer to send checks rather than enter their credit card information online.
Visit local businesses and ask to put a flyer in their windows promoting your cause, showing a local tie-in if one exists. Be prepared that some will have blanket policies against outside flyers, but many are more than happy to help local causes and events. You aren’t asking them for money directly, but in addition to the donations you may get from their customers, the business owner or employees may also be inclined to help.
Enlisting these personal but passive techniques can result in a successful fundraising campaign without ever having to give a sales pitch, call and beg or even sit down face-to-face with someone and ask them for money.



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